Camp FBC


FBC Church wants to invest into our community and the next generation. One way we do this is by running multiple weeks of summer day camp for children between the ages of Sk-Grade 6.  

We run five weeks of summer camp throughout the months of July and August. They run from Monday - Thursday, 9:00 Am -12:00 PM. Each week has been staffed with individuals of all ages who have been taught how to keep your children safe while still creating a fun and inviting atmosphere.

Our camps revolve around 4 simple aspects:

We want to bring an element of fun no matter what we are doing. Whether it consists of camp games, crafts, or singing crazy camp songs we want to make camp FBC a fun and memorable experience.

We think that learning new skills is an important aspect of child development, that is why we have designed many uniquely different camps to cover a wide variety of topics of interest. Our past camps have included arts and crafts, baking, soccer, soccer with other sports, and a Bible camp.

All children need to get the wiggles out. Camp FBC knows that no matter what the theme is for the week the children will need time to let off some energy. That is why we take the time each day to play a variety of different camps games. If it is a warm day outside these games may also include water games. 

We are committed to providing a safe place for children from all walks of life to come together as one. In doing so we also desire to teach what FBC believes as a Church about who God is, who we are, and why that matters. This means that we take a short amount of time each day to teach the children what FBC believes as a Church. 

We, as a Church, are committed to providing a safe environment in all areas of our ministry and our camps follow the same guidelines. We are seeking to teach all children new skills and create a fun experience while sharing the Gospel. We hope you will consider camp FBC in the upcoming summers.

If you have any questions about our Camp FBC please feel free to contact camp our camp director by emailing