We encourage you to set aside time in your schedule to watch this sermon series from Faith Church in Lafayette, Indiana entitled, “Handling Problems in a Christ-Centered Way”.  Each sermon focuses on basic struggles we all face in our lives.  These struggles include:  anger, pride, bitterness, worry and fear, sexual immorality, despair, shame and self-pity.  Whether you find yourself in the midst of one or more of these problems or not, these sermons provide an opportunity to not only learn God’s truth in how to handle these problems but also to examine our lives and identify areas that we need to change.   



          How well do you handle your anger?  Ever think it was really worth what it cost you?  Recognizing that we often can see ourselves in the story of the Israelites, in this first sermon of the series, Handling Problems in a Christ-Centered Way, Pastor Steve Viars focuses on a time when Moses was facing one of many rebellions to his leadership (Numbers 20:1-13).  And rather than focusing on the power of God, Moses focuses on his own anger.  However, Moses finds out that it is impossible to handle our anger apart from God.  If anger isn’t handled in the proper way, it can cost us.  In this sermon, Viars explains what anger is, the costs involved, as well as how to handle anger in a Christ-centered way.  






          Ever feel like your life is a game – trying to fulfill people’s expectations of you or your own expectations of yourself?  In this second sermon from the series, Handling Problems in a Christ-Centred Way, Pastor Rob Green discusses what pride looks like and how it affects our lives and the lives of others.  He examines what Paul says about pride in 1st Corinthians 3:18-4:7, who said pride is never satisfied and never will be until we accept Christ’s view of ourselves.  If we know Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, then we should have a new way of viewing ourselves:  adopted, free and secure in Christ. This is how we fight against pride by thinking about Christ and all he has done.  We all battle with pride.  Let’s start handling it in a Christ-centred way. 





          If think you don’t struggle with bitterness in your life, you better be very sure because bitterness is something that we need to avoid at all costs.  We may have developed bitterness in our heart towards a situation or a person.  This bitterness can cause great pain in one’s life if we allow it to take root in our lives.  In fact, in can affect every part of our life the more we allow it to linger.  In this message, Pastor Steve Viars examines the stories of bitterness in Scripture as well as how to overcome bitterness in the power of our Savior.



        Do you find worry affecting different areas of your life, such as your ability to make decisions?  There are times when worry can consume our lives so much so that it causes turmoil within our lives.  In fact, worry can affect every aspect of lives:  emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical.  In this session, focusing on Matthew chapter 6, Pastor Brent Aucoin helps us understand what worry is, gives us solutions for worry, as well as provides a basis for peace that overcomes worry.  This message with teach you how to handle worry in a Christ-centred way. 





          At some point in time, we’re probably going to have to address the problem of sexual immorality with ourselves or someone in our life, at some point in time.  It is powerful and deceiving but the gospel is more powerful.  God has called us to pursue holiness and to live a life pleasing to Him.  So how can we do this in a self-pleasing, sex-driven world?  In this session, Pastor Dustin Folden shares from God’s Word how to understand and ultimately overcome sexual immorality in a Christ-centred way.   





          When tragedy comes into your life, what do you do?  How do you deal with despair that begins to shape your life?  How can you fill that emptiness you feel when you feel a loss of hope?  In this session, you’ll find out that it is possible to have hope in the midst of incredible trials.  Pastor Nick Lees provides three keys to handling despair biblically.  He also shares the tools we need to face the seasons of despair in our lives or in another’s who is struggling the same and ultimately point them to the hope they can have in the midst of it.  If you’re facing despair today, this is for you.   





          Ever feel ashamed, either because of something you did or something you have no control over?  Maybe you think can’t be forgiven or just don’t belong.  It might be that you’re feeling worthless.  Shame is something many of us of have experienced at one point in our lives.  And we may deal with it in many different ways.  However, the way we handle our shame might not be the way God wants us to handle it.  In this session, Pastor Johnny Kjaer will not only explain what our created purpose is and why we experience shame, he’ll also share four truths for understanding how to handle shame in a Christ-centred way.




          Ever been feeling down about something that has happened, might happen, or will happen?  Or maybe you’ve found yourself wanting everyone to know how bad things are in your life.  In this final session, Pastor Josh Greiner examines the problem of self-pity that many of us have suffered from, or currently are suffering from today.  He examines the life of Elijah, a man who suffered from self-pity.  Elijah’s life reveals to us what self-pity is and the fruits that it bears.  Fortunately, Scripture provides for us how to combat self-pity and in this session you will learn the 6 steps needed to become free from self-pity in a Christ-centred way.