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I would encourage you to check back in on our web site as most weeks I will be reviewing highlights from our Sunday message with encouragements and challenges to go a little deeper in the text of God’s word.


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Profiting in Security - Romans 5
March 11, 2015
I guess if I had to offer up one word that describes our new series in Romans 5 it would be security.  Generally speaking, security is an important value for most of us and this is often reflected in our willingness to invest in being secure. For example, when is the last time you saw a car, house, or building that doesn’t have provisions for securing it?  Typically the more invested into something the more effort we take in protecting what we have invested.   
In Mark chapter 8 there is a lot of emotion that is developing at this stage in Jesus’ ministry.  Jesus was healing and performing miracles giving clear indication that He is the Messiah, while at the same time the religious leaders are getting more vocal in their opposition.  Also, in this chapter Jesus makes it clear to His disciples the cost of following Him and at one point in the dialogue Jesus says this “ For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?  For what can a man give in return for his soul?”   The question implies that our soul is of immense value.  That being said, my question to you as it relates to security is... How secure is your soul?  
In the chapters prior to Romans 5, Paul  has made a convincing argument that all people will stand guilty before God.  That sounds pretty bleak but after Paul has helped the reader see their guilt before a perfectly just and holy God he then explains the hope we have in Jesus Christ.  I say all that because when you come to chapter 5 in Romans Paul is assuming that he is talking to those that have embraced Jesus as Lord.   How does all of this fit with security?  Well... Paul makes it clear that for those that have come to Christ they have been legally declared right before God and as a result we have peace with the God who created us.  And, this peace results in giving us access with our God... and our faith becomes visible to the people around us because it begins to change our worldview on how we see various situations.  
Now this opens up several topics that we could talk about but my question for you today really relates back to Jesus’ question in Mark 8 and my question is this... how secure is your soul?  There are many rich blessings for those that come to know Jesus as their Saviour but my fear is that there are many that may sort of acknowledge Jesus but the reality is there security is based on something that can’t save them.  Paul talks about the fact that Christians have peace with God and one of the evidences that their faith is real is that it leads them to have peace of God.  This means there is something inherently different about how we view both life and death.  It is a peace that passes understanding.  
So again I ask, how secure are you?  It is easy to take effort to secure our home, our house, or our investments and there is nothing wrong with that but we can’t neglect those issues that have eternal weight.  We need to be honest with ourselves and at least ask the question about what will happen to us 30 seconds after our final breath?  I’m not trying to scare you into God’s kingdom (as if that was possible)... I’m simply trying to begin a dialog.  An important dialog.  
If we here at FBC can be of any help to you in this area... please drop us a note.... we’d love to help.
Pastor Shawn @pastorshawns


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