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I would encourage you to check back in on our web site as most weeks I will be reviewing highlights from our Sunday message with encouragements and challenges to go a little deeper in the text of God’s word.


Pastor Shawn


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How Bad is Bad? James 4:1-10
September 4, 2015

How bad is bad?  Well check out the kings of ancient Israel and Judah and you will probably get a taste of how bad bad can get.  I have to admit it is an interesting process preaching a series on a “Heart of Change” while at the same time reading first and second Chronicles.  What I’ve noticed is that the kings that obeyed God and loved God did so because it was in their heart to do so.  The kings that had a heart for God quickly found themselves in a “state of being” that was marked with peace, joy and gratefulness. 


Read 2 Chronicles chapters 29 to 32 to read about one of those kings whose name was Hezekiah…but keep reading chapter 33 and you will find his son Manasseh didn’t share the same heart as his dad… and it showed… Manasseh promoted the worship of idols (even in the house of the Lord).  This system of false worship even brought him to a point of burning children to death as part of a living sacrifice.  His pastime involved witchcraft and sorcery and he encouraged his nation to follow his ways.  The Lord even provided verbal warnings but his heart was bent on serving his idols. 


But Manasseh’s story doesn’t end there because as a part of God’s mercy God allowed an enemy king to capture Manasseh which not only left Manasseh in chains, it also left him in a bad state of being.  In fact, it was in this bad state that finally Manasseh realized the error of his ways and in 2 Chron. 33:12 the Bible records that Manasseh humbled himself and realized that the Lord was God.  I won’t ruin the story, but let’s just say Manasseh’s change of heart had a direct result in how he lived his life. 


I mention ALL of that because we are nearing the end of our “Change of Heart” series in which we will be concluding that the cure for conflict… the cure for hearts that serve false idols… the cure for a selfish life that is bent on serving our own kingdom and purposes… the cure is a humble heart.  You see, a humble heart is a heart that would conclude, just as Manasseh concluded, that God is God and we are not.  Change is hard but I assure you that the cure is way better than the consequence! 


Well, we have 1 week left in our heart of change series and I’d encourage to join us as we finish this series.  Also if you missed a week in the series all the previous ones should be found on our website.   Check us out at http://www.fbcnewhamburg.com.  


 Think About... 

Have you ever noticed that the apostle Paul often started his letters by stating that his desire was for his readers to experience the grace and peace that comes through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Wouldn’t it be exciting if you got to bring the message of grace and peace to your neighbours?  Is this regular prayer request for you?  If not then why not?  Something to think about. 


Pastor Shawn




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