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I would encourage you to check back in on our web site as most weeks I will be reviewing highlights from our Sunday message with encouragements and challenges to go a little deeper in the text of God’s word.


Pastor Shawn


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True Love Gives...
November 26, 2015

Hello Friends; 


I want to start out by apologizing for not writing to you last week.  I thought that since I wasn’t preaching last Sunday I’d have lots of time to correspond with you but there was a lot of last minute preparation for our retreat at Children’s Bible Fellowship in NY.  It was a great retreat and I think all 9 of us had very different experiences.  On Friday night some went into the Bronx in NY to help bring children to the camp and another one of our group members participated with a outreach in the Bronx.  During Saturday and Sunday others helped with kitchen, music, teaching and even got to play 9 square.  For me, the retreat was a highlight for my year and I’m so looking forward to partnering further with this amazing ministry.  I posted a few pics below but follow this link to see more.  http://www.cbfny.org/#!journey-of-peter/cbiu

Think About…

Last week in my Word of Life quiet time book I came across this… “Love always gives and never takes but the one who loves always ends up more blessed than the hoarders will ever know.  The way of love begins on the road to Calvary”.  I share that with you because it captures our need to live out the gospel message in our daily lives.  

This week I’m preparing our second message on forgiveness based on 2 Corinthians chapter 2.  One of the commentators on the passage challenged me to think of forgiveness as a promise.  Think about it… when we came to Christ as our Saviour repenting of our sins, God promised to not hold our past against us.  We have been set free because of God’s forgiveness for us … that’s a promise.  Isn’t it interesting that so many of these truths we are learning in 2 Corinthians take us right back to the importance of the gospel in our daily lives.  

How about you?   Is the gospel penetrating every area of your life???… a sure sign that it is not is if we fail to forgive.  Struggling to forgive?  How about this week listing out all the ways God has shown mercy to you.  Remember think of forgiveness as a promise!



Pastor Shawn


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